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Wine: Champagne
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A. Chauvet Carte blanche Sparkling Wine
rounded, lively
A. Desmoulins et Cie Cuvée Prestige Sparkling Wine
classic, balanced, dosage
  Champagne A. Desmoulins et Cie
A. Margaine Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Spécial Club Sparkling Wine
balanced, blended, fresh, smart dosage
  SCEV A. Margaine
A. Soutiran Gd cru Sparkling Wine
smells of firtree, dried fruit, lively
  Alain Soutiran-Pelletier
A.R. Lenoble Réserve Gd cru Sparkling Wine
lively, hint of honey, exotic
  Champagne A.R. Lenoble
Achille Princier Sparkling Wine
Rosé, silky, balanced, generous fruit
  Achille Princier
Agrapart et Fils Blanc de Blancs Grand cru Sparkling Wine
from 45 year-old vines, was heaped with compliments, elegant, perfect development, ideally balanc...
  EARL Agrapart et Fils
Alain Couvreur Cuvée de Réserve Sparkling Wine
Rosé de Noirs, strong, defined
  Alain Couvreur
Alain Lallement Cuvée Prestige Gd cru Sparkling Wine
aromas of quince marmalade, winy
  Alain Lallement
Alain Robert Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine
characteristic, golden-yellow color, smells of quincebread, soft, aromas of candied fruit
  Robert Alain
Alain Thiénot Grande Cuvée Sparkling Wine
aroma of ginger bread, soft, spicy, complex, harmonious
  Alain Thiénot
Albert Le Brun Vieille France Sparkling Wine
big bottle, aromas of honey, hazelnuts, and spices, balanced, long lasting
  Albert Le Brun
Alexandre Bonnet Rosé Wine
  SA Bonnet Père et Fils
Alexandre Bonnet Cuvée Tradition Sparkling Wine
strong aromas, smooth, rounded, fresh, long
  SA Alexandre Bonnet
Alfred Gratien Sparkling Wine
lively, exceptional, aromas of chocolate and roasted honey almonds, stately, ingenious
  Champagne Alfred Gratien
Alfred Gratien Sparkling Wine
Rosé, aromas of hazelnuts, honey, and roasted bread, nice finish
  Champagne Alfred Gratien
Alfred Rothschild et Cie Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine
flowery, very nervy
  Marne et Champagne
Alfred Rothschild et Cie Grande Réseve Sparkling Wine
expressive, aromas of white blossoms, plants, and muscat
  Marne et Champagne
Alfred Tritant Carte d´or Sparkling Wine
honey-like, aroma of apricots, balanced, harmonious
  Alfred Tritant
Alfred Tritant Rosé Sparkling Wine
smells of red fruit, delicate
  Alfred Tritant
André Brochot Sparkling Wine
Rosé, aromas of cherry liqueur, chocolate, and cinnamon
  Francis Brochot
André Chemin Cuvée Sélectionée Sparkling Wine
aromas of red and dried fruit, seductive, balanced, full-bodied, voluminous, long
  Champagne André Chemin
André Delaunois Carte d´or Sparkling Wine
30% reserve wine, elegant, fine
  Champagne André Delaunois
André Delaunois Cuvée du Fondateur Sparkling Wine
30% reserve wine, balanced, strong
  Champagne André Delaunois
André Jacquart et Fils Blanc de Blancs Cuvée spéciale Gd cru Sparkling Wine
exceptional, smooth, soft, fresh, rounded, very long
  André Jacquart et Fils
André Jacquart et Fils Blanc de Blancs Gd cru Sparkling Wine
full, winy, full-bodied
  André Jacquart et Fils
Ariston Fils Sparkling Wine
Rosé-Cuvée, mild, fruity
  Rémi Ariston
Arnaud de Beauroy Cuvée Tradition Sparkling Wine
Blanc de Noirs, violet-pink color, spicy scent of pepper with leather and fruit jelly, strong fla...
  Champagne Gallimard Père et Fils
Arnaud de Cheurlin Réserve Sparkling Wine
balanced, complex, long
  Champagne Arnaud de Cheurlin
Ayala Sparkling Wine
balanced, racy, fine
  Champagne Ayala
B. Veselle 1er cru Sparkling Wine
strong, masculine, robust, fruity
  Georges Veselle
Bagnost Père et Fils Cuvée de réserve Sparkling Wine
a summer wine, flowery, a touch of citrusfruit
  Champagne Bagnost Père et Fils
Barancourt Cuvée de Fondateurs Sparkling Wine
complex scent, fine, rounded, male
  Vranken Monopole
Bardoux Père et Fils Sparkling Wine
Rosé, strong, harmonious
  Pascal Bardoux
Baron Albert Carte d´or Sparkling Wine
fresh, citrus aromas, smooth, stately
  Champagne Baron Albert
Baron-fuenté Grande Réserve Sparkling Wine
smells of acacia blossoms, nervy, flavors of hazelnuts and citrusfruits
  Champagne Baron-Fuenté
Bauget-Jouette Carte blanche Sparkling Wine
smells of fresh apples and apricots, mild, fresh
  Champagne Bauget-Jouette
Beaumet Blanc de blancs Sparkling Wine
fine, flowery, fresh
  Champagne Beaumet
Beaumont des Crayères Cuvée de Prestige Sparkling Wine
smells of biscuit and honey, smooth, balanced, well-dosed
  Champagne Beaumont des Crayères
Benoit Lahaye Bouzy Red Wine
  Benoit Lahaye
Bereche et Fils Cuvée de Centenaire 1er cru Sparkling Wine
wonderful scent, spicy, grand, rounded
  Champagne Bereche et Fils
Bernard Gaucher Réserve Sparkling Wine
  Bernard Gaucher
Bernard Girardin Brut Tradition Sparkling Wine
elegant scent of hazelnuts and yeast-bread, longlasting, complete
  Bernard Girardin
Bernard Hubschwerlin Sparkling Wine
dark, aromas of sour apples and citrusfruits
  Bernard Hubschwerlin
Bertrand Jorez Brut sélection 1er cru Sparkling Wine
dark, male, fleshy
  Bertrand Jorez
Bertrand Robert Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Gd cru Sparkling Wine
light, lively, youthful, fleshy
  Champagne André Robert Père et Fils
Besserat de Bellefon Grande Tradition Sparkling Wine
smells of roasted bread and spring roses, intense, very lasting
  Besserat de Bellefon
Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart Sparkling Wine
pale golden color, green reflexes, seductive, elegant scent of almonds, roasted bread and stone-f...
  Champagne Billecart-Salmon
Binet Brut Elite Sparkling Wine
Power and Elegance Brut Elite, faithful to the spirit of BINET House, is a blending of the thr...
  Champagne Binet
Binet Sélection Spécial brut Sparkling Wine
harmonious, balanced, complex, very developed
  Champagne Binet
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