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Wine: South-West
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Cayron d´Albas Red Wine
This wine is marked by its shining ruby-red color. Its aroma reminds of candied fruit.
  Cotés D´Olt
Ch. de Caix Red Wine
strong tannin, deep purple-red, very fresh
  Georges Vigouroux, Ch. de Mercuès Cahors
Chateau de Calassou Red Wine
The hesitant, a bit frigid impression of aroma offers scents of red fruit.
  Michel Souveton
Château de la Motte Sec White Wine
shining amber color, fresh, ethereal scent of lemon and almonds, soft, clear, aromatic flavor, fi...
  Michel et Ghislaine Arrat Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh
Chateau de Mercués Red Wine
The impression of the aroma is still hesitating, but one can guess at a strong concentration.
  Georges Vigouroux
Château Devès Red Wine
almost black color, deep, slightly smoky scent of dark fruit, violets, spices, dense body, solid ...
  André et Michel Abart Côtes du Frontonnais
Château les Marquises Boisé White Wine
  Producta SA Monbazillac
Château Theulet Cuvée Prestige White Wine
complex, concentrated scent, full, voluminous flavor with fruit and roast aroma, well integrated ...
  SCEA Alard Bergerac
Château Theulet Cuvée spéciale Red Wine
fruit emphasized harmony, structured, strong flavor, silky finish, pretty ageing potential
  SCEA Alard Bergerac
Clos d´Yvigne White Wine
Saussignac, aromas of honey, baked things with a hint of apricots, full, long flavor or dried fru...
  Patricia Atkinson Bergerac
Clos Triguedina Prince Probus Red Wine
orange red color, strong scent and flavor, with wood and spices, vanilla, mocca, and roast
  SCEA Baldès et Fils Cahors
Domaine Amblard White Wine
balanced, long, ripe body, lively finish
  SCEA Domaine Amblard Côtes de Duras
Domaine Brisseau-Belloc Red Wine
  Union vincole Bergerac-Le Fleix Pécharmant
Domaine d´Escausses Sec Cuvée de l´oubli White Wine
pale yellow color woth green reflexes, smells of exotic and citrusfruit with hints of wood, round...
  EARL Denis Balaran Gaillac
Domaine de Labarthe Doux Les Grains d´Or fût de chêne White Wine
golden-yellow color, hints of wood, nuances of exotic fruit in the scent, complex, rounded, full ...
  Jean-Paul Albert Gaillac
Domaine des Geais Red Wine
  Vignobles Boissonneau Côtes de Marmandais (AOC)
Domaine des Parises Doux White Wine
Clear, shining, intense golden color, compex scent of white and yellow blossoms, ripe and candied...
  SCEV Arnaud Gaillac
Domaine du Cantonnet Cuvée Cécile White Wine
  EARL Vignobles Rigal Saussignac
Floriade Red Wine
  Domainie de Sansac Côtes de Marmandais (AOC)
Mas d´Aurel Cuvée Alexandra Red Wine
strong ruby-red color wioth purple reflexes, intense scent of red and black fruit and spices and ...
  EARL Mas d´Aurel Gaillac
Vicmpte de Villerose Red Wine
pretty color with ruby-red reflexes, leather, fruity scent with hints of spices, lively personali...
  Arbeau SA Côtes du Frontonnais
Yvon Mau Red Wine
  Yvon Mau SA Pécharmant


SCEA Alard

Fr-24240 Monbazillac


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