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Wine: Corsica
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Antoine Arena Red Wine
concentrated, imposing, strong, long
  Antoine Arena Partimonio
Clos d´Alzeto Red Wine
strong, rounded fruit, balance, proud, long lasting
  Pascal Albertini
Clos Milelli Rosé Wine
defined color, balanced flavor, shy scent
  Coop. d´Aghione Vin de Corse
Domaine Aliso-Rossi Fleurs d´Amandiers White Wine
white golden color, shining, aromas of white blossoms and lemon extract, fresh, fine, balanced
  Domaine Aliso-Rossi Partimonio
Domaine Aliso-Rossi Pétale de Rose Rosé Wine
smells of red fruit, currants and cinnamon, fresh, stately, balanced flavor, soft, long lasting
  Domaine Aliso-Rossi Partimonio
Les Vignerons d´Aghione Merlot Red Wine
Vin de Pays de l´Ile de Beauté, ruby-red color, shimmer blue-red, aromas of red fruit and cut h...
  Coop. d´Aghione Vin de Corse


Domaine Aliso-Rossi

Fr-20246 Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda


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