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Wine: Pinot Gris (Tokay)
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Allimant- Laugner White Wine
smoky aroma, smells of exotic fruit, lively personality, balanced, lasting
  Allimant- Laugner
Allimant- Laugner Vendanges tardives White Wine
almost amber-colored, finely spicy, peppery, lasting
  Allimant- Laugner
Camille Braun Bollenberg Cuvée de la Chapelle White Wine
fruity, elegant, lively, full, lasting
  Camille Braun
Christian Schwarz Collection Marine Noble Cuvée White Wine
licorice and vanilla aromas, lively, lasting
  Christian Schwarz
Diringer Vendanges tardives White Wine
clean yellow color, smells of faded leaves and spices, rounded, lively, long
  GAEC Diringer
Domaine du Bouxhof Vendanges tardives White Wine
strong yellow color, elegant, aromatic, sweet, warm, long, let it age
  François Edel et Fils
Domaine Robert Karcher Harth White Wine
very open, smoky hints, minerals, dry, lasting
  Domaine Robert Karcher et Fils
Domaines Schlumberger Les Princes Abbés White Wine
has all good characteristics, a winderful backbone, liqueur-type character
  Domaines Schlumberger
Dontenville Hahnenberg White Wine
smoky aromas, lively flavor, nervy
  Gilbert Dontenville
Einhart Westerberg White Wine
elegant, intense aroma wit fruity and smoky scents, full, strong
  Nicolas Einhart
Ernest Preiss Cuvée particulière White Wine
overripe, complex scent with smokey aroma and hints of cedarwood and candied fruit, full, lasting...
  Ernest Preiss
G. Humbrecht et Fils Cuvée Prestige White Wine
seductive golden color, intense scent with aromas of blossoms and fruit, soft, strong, long
  Pierre-Paul Humbrecht
Georges Klein White Wine
strong scent with fruit and wood aromas, pretty color, harmonious
  EARL Georges Klein et Fils
Haeffelin Réserve personnelle White Wine
smells of flowers and roasted things, soft, balanced, light
  Domaine Henri Haeffelin
Jean Sipp Trottacker White Wine
very open aroma of roasted almonds, great body, perfectly balanced, store for a long time
  Domaine Jean Sipp
Jean-Paul Mauler Cuvée Alexandra White Wine
full aroma with hints of qunices and smoked things, strong flavor with restsugar and liveliness, ...
  EARl Jean-Paul Mauler
Jean-Victor Hebinger et Fils Vendanges tardives White Wine
golden, fruity-complex scent, smoky aroma, aoft, generous, warm flavor, aromas of cinnamon, delic...
  Jean-Victor Hebinger et Fils
Louis Sipp Sélection de grains nobles White Wine
yellow color with golden reflexes, softly smoky scent, hints of underwood, balanced, harmonious
  Louis Sipp Grands Vins dĀ“Alsace
Michel Fahrer White Wine
scent of underwood and mushrooms, very harmonious, well-structured, long
  Michel Fahrer
Pinot Gris Rittersberg 2007 White Wine
  Domaine Jean-Paul Schmitt
Robert Faller et Fils Cuvée Bénédicte White Wine
scent with smoky aromas of hints of roasted bread, strong, dominating sugar, harmonious
  Robert Faller et Fils
Schlegel-Boeglin Réserve de la Vallée Noble White Wine
elegant, complex scent of peaches and fruit, well structured, hint of restsugar
  Domaien Schlegel-Boeglin
Schoenheitz Holder White Wine
notable, very conplex scent with aromas of dried fruit and smoke, full-bodied, well-structured, s...
  Henri Schoenheitz


Domaine Jean Sipp

Cellar from the 15th century.

Pinot Gris (Tokay)

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