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Wine: St-Chinian
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Borie la Vitarèle Red Wine
dark color, spicy, fruity taste and bouquet, stiff aftertaste, storable
  Jean-François Izarn et Cathy Planes
Borie la Vitarèle La Combe Red Wine
cutwine, beautiful, dark color, shining reflexes, complex taste and aroma, round, proud, balanced...
  Jean-François Izarn et Cathy Planes
Canet Valette fût de chêne Red Wine
pleasant, shining scarlet, hints of menthol, sap, fruit and baked plus, silky, meaty tannins, sto...
  Marc Valette
Château Cazal-Viel Cuvée de Cazal-Viel Red Wine
emphasizes fruit, intense scarletred, smells of red fruits, very rounded, elegant taste
  SCEA Cazal-Viel
Château de Villespassans Red Wine
complex, strong, aroma of chocolates and gingerbread, racy tannins, harmonious, storable
  Cave coopérative de Cruzy
Château Etienne La Dournie Red Wine
rich in aromas and color, complex hints of red fruits, clear, nice tannins, silky, strong, storable
  EARL Château La Dournie
Château Milhau-Lacugue Les Truffières Red Wine
scarletred, smells of Garringue, harmonious, strong, soft, rich, storable
  SCEA Château Milhau-Lacugue
Château Pistre Beray Cuvée Charles Joseph Elevé en fut de chene Red Wine
strong color, fruity scent, fine
  Louis Pistre
Château Soulie des Joncs Red Wine
complex aroma of fruit, rich grape flavor, strong tannins, youthful, promising
  Rémy et Aurore Soulié
Château Viranel Red Wine
pretty, lively, scarlett color, hints of garringue, soft touch, fine tannins, well-made, uniform
  GFA de Viranel
Clos Bagatelle Red Wine
scarlet, hints of cherries, solid tannins, pleasant, delicate bouquet of vanilla, pepper and lico...
  Henry Simon
Domaine Comps Cuvée des Gleizettes Red Wine
intense color, nuances of development, pleasant scent of spices, fresh mild tannins, well-built, ...
  Pierre Comps
Domaine de Bastide rousse Red Wine
elegant, fruity, rounded, full taste, melted tannins, aromatic, lasting, pleasant
  Anne et Jean-Paul Crassus
Domaine de Fontcaude Elevé en fût de chêne Red Wine
clear color, rubyred reflexes, rounded, soft, aromas of red fruits, well made, pleasant
  SCA Les Vignerons du pays d´Ensérune
Domaine de Trianon Red Wine
orange-red color, aromas of red fruits and firestone, harmonious, elegant, blended, soft tannins,...
  Cave de Vignerons de Saint-Chinian
Domaine des Jougla Cuvée signée Red Wine
intense color, scented of red fruits, tastes of vanilla and roasted things, wood-emphasized, stor...
  Alain Jougla
Domaine des Pradels Red Wine
pretty, aroma of cherries in alcohol and spices, rounded tannins, delicious finish, promising
  Roger Quartironi
Domaine Deslines Prestige Red Wine
shining red color, scent of black-currants, leather, roasted things, fleshy, lasting, pleasant
  Line Cauquil
Domaine du Landeyran Cuvée Les Demoiselles Rosé Wine
clean, honest, hints of small fruits, very fresh, slightly nervy, full
  EARL du Landeyran
Domaine Rimbert Le Mas aux schistes Red Wine
fine, hints of blossoms and exotic fruit, elegantly balanced
  Jean-Marie Rimbert
Donnadieu Cuvée Camille Red Wine
wonderful body, scented of spices and candied fruit, elegant tannins
  Luc Simon
Les Vins de Roquebrun Cuvée Roches noires Red Wine
strong red color with blueish hints, herbal smell, pleasant, soft, balanced
  Cave Les Vins de Roquebrun


Line Cauquil

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