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Domaine Sarda-Malet Réserve
Domaine Sarda-Malet
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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon
Type: Red Wine
Made by Domaine Sarda-Malet, Fr-66000 Perpignan
Production amount14,000 - bottles (0.7 liters) 
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Description of Domaine Sarda-Malet Réserve
scarlet-red color, aromas of candied fruits, strong tannins, oily, vanilla flavor, noticably lasting
Order information
No order information for Domaine Sarda-Malet Réserve available. For more information on the availability of Domaine Sarda-Malet Réserve please contact the winery (Domaine Sarda-Malet) directly:
Contact information Domaine Sarda-Malet
Address chem de Sainte-Barbe
Fr-66000 Perpignan

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