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Château Bonnet
SCEA Vignobles André Lurton
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Europe » France » Bordeaux
Type: White Wine
Made by SCEA Vignobles André Lurton, F-33420 Grézillac
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Description of Château Bonnet
Entre-Deux-Mers, full, rounded, pleasant, smells of wine and orange blossoms, fruit flesh of tangerines and pineapples, interesting, complex, storable
Order information
No order information for Château Bonnet available. For more information on the availability of Château Bonnet please contact the winery (SCEA Vignobles André Lurton) directly:
Contact information SCEA Vignobles André Lurton
Address Château Bonnet
F-33420 Grézillac

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Weingut Theo Minges

D-76835 Flemlingen


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